"Positive Approach is a welcoming community of dogs and their people."

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Training information

Positive Approach is the only dog training center that requires its lead trainers to have their Certified Professional Dog Trainers Certification (CCPDT). 

Why use the Training Center at Positive Approach?

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Classes and Workshops 
● Well-trained Dog Seminar. Problem solving techniques are introduced that will allow you to eliminate problems such as housebreaking, jumping on people, chewing, digging, and much more! Lecture only.
Puppy workshop. This comprehensive two-hour puppy workshop covers common problems such as housebreaking, mouthing (puppy biting), destructive behavior, attention getting techniques and how to control the hyper or rowdy puppy. This workshop will also include one of the most vital beginning steps for your puppy.... socialization along with education!
AgiliFUN Classes. Learn the basics of Agility, while having fun with your dog. This is a very interactive class that you and your dog play together in. (4-week course)

Classes and Workshops at Positive Approach

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● Well Trained Dog and Well Trained Puppy - Level I. Establish an amazing foundation for your relationship with your dog. We cover sit, lie down, and stay; leave-it alone; walk nicely on leash; "wait" at the front door; and of course "come here" even in distracting surroundings. Have a polite, well behaved pet all day, every day. (4-week course)
PLUS1 - Level II. This stepping-stone class will take what you’ve learned in your first class and apply it to this fun, three-week interactive class with your dog. We will have a “playground for higher learning” set up to work with your dog and grow the bond between the two of you. (3-week course)
● Less Talk More Action - Level III. This class builds on what you have done in Level I & II. We “take it to the streets!” The course is offered from May thru the first of September and is outdoors. We go to public areas and work our dogs. This level really tests you and your dog in real life situations and is exciting! (4-week course)

● Canine Good Citizen (CGC) - Level IV. At this point we are working on getting you and your dog equipped to pass the CGC Test, at the end of the course. We take what you have been working on, through the other three classes, and prepare you to take the final test on week four of this course. (4-week course)

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