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Grooming FAQs
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Grooming services

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Full Baths include nail trimming, anal gland expression (if needed), potty patch trimming, feet hair trim, and ear cleaning. We use only high quality shampoos and conditioners to help keep your pup’s coat healthy and beautiful. Specialized shampoos are used when dogs with allergies or other skin sensitivity. 

Full Bath prices range from $30 to $57.50 depending on the size and coat of your dog. Following additional services may be added to the Full Bath. 
● Hair cuts: $10-$17.50 (extra charges may apply for matted coats)
● Hot Oil Treatment for skin issues: $10
○ Individual services below may be purchased without a bath or hair cut service.
○ Teeth Brushing: $10
○ “Deep” teeth cleaning: $25-$35 (depends on time needed for cleaning)
○ Flea Treatment: $15
○ Flea/Tick Treatment: $20
○ Anal Expression: $10
○ Ear Cleaning: $5
○ Nail Trim: $10

More Details You’ll Want to Know:

● We do NOT “herd-book". Dogs are groomed in the order of their appointment and not left in crates for long periods of time (unless you request it).
● We believe in transparency. Windows in our salon allow you to see the care we give to our dogs during the grooming process.
● Positive reinforcement is used for dogs who are shy or nervous. With your permission, we use treats, give breaks to dogs who seem stressed, and/or slow down if a dog seems uncomfortable.
● Positive Approach does NOT require a daily quota of grooming clients from our groomers. This means that they do not have to rush through grooming and raise anxiety of dogs.

● We do NOT “herd-book". Dogs are not left in crates for long periods of time.
● Windows in our salon allow you to see how we care for our dogs.
● We use positive reinforcement, treats with permission, breaks as needed to keep the dogs as comfortable as possible. 
● Our groomers are NOT required to meet quotas, so they do not have to rush grooming. 

How to arrange grooming:
For a professional groom, please request an appointment by calling 253-627-4275 or use our contact form. .